Trendak TERCEL for terrain scanning


Gyroplane Manufacturer
Together with IGI GmbH from Germany we prepared a TERCEL gyrocopter for professional use. It can be used for laser scanning, photography, photogrammetry and other methods of image collecting.

The professional equipment is positioned in lieu of the passenger seat, and the pilot seat remains on the standard TERCEL position, as opposite to the TAURUS, where the pilot sits in the middle, anon both sides, behind him there is room for cargo or equipment.

The low weight and power consumption of the IGI GmbH system allowed to install it in the standard TERCEL configuration.



Looks good.

The only thing I can see is that the pilots guidance screen is located to far to the side. The demand on the pilot is to fly precise Height and track along predetermined flight lines using a CDI type of guidance means the pilot is constantly referring to the guidance screen.

Therefore the guidance screens needs to be mounted in front of the pilot so the pilot can look up and check for obstacles and other aircraft (eyes need to be inside and outside the aircraft).

A better place is for a separate holder for the screen attached to the dashboard on the pilots side that can be adjusted so that the screen sits right and front of the pilot. The pilot only needs to lift eyes and easily complete a constant scan of the guidance and out the window that doesn't require moving the head around. You will find in the current set up the pilot will want to keep looking forward, each time he does he will move his head, each time he moves his head he will drift off course and will be then be constantly rotating his head forward and back to keep a precise track and fly safe.
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