Trailer transformation


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Oct 30, 2003
El Paso, IL.
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Six years ago, I bought a real trailer for hauling my Air Command around with. It is a 6 1/2 x 12 tilt trailer, and worked great for hauling the gyro, blades, and gas around on. At the time, my truck, the trailer, and the gyro were all red, so it all was color-coordinated very well.

About three years ago, I started having to replace floor boards, due to rot. At first, it was just the critical ones, where the gyro wheels sat. Last year, after I had to haul the RAF home from Shelbyville, it was obvious something had to be done.

I decided to replace all the boards this winter. As part of that work, I wanted to relocate the wheel stops and tie-down hooks to better accommodate the RAF. The paint was shot, so I decided to have it repainted, too.

Since my new tow vehicle, our Endeavor, is gray, I decided to have it painted the same color. Too much money, and a lot of effort later, I have a transformed trailer.

The two pictures show the original look back at a fly-in in 2007, and the way it looked a couple days ago when I could finally get enough doors open in the hangar to store it there. Notice the rare phenomenon for 2010 called sunlight in the latest picture!