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The Magni is taxid out for run-up with the blades held by the rotor brake, I.e. free to bounce. After clearing the active after landing, the blades are again wound down and secured with the rotor brake while taxiing back to the hangar. However, I wouldn't recommend trailoring without good triangulated supports fore and att. Placement of the supports along the length of each blade is an interesting question - mid-blade? 2/3 out?


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Excellent thread! Many thanks for the thought-provoking photos.

I am new to gyros, and just assembled the blades and mounted my completed Sport Copter rotor on my RAF for the first time. It was not "quick" to say the least, but I learned a lot. A suitable, hopefully enclosed, trailer is desired, but I do not want to have a 30+ ft trailer behind my RV. Anybody have some trailer design tips and pictures for storing/assembling rotor components, then mounting it? On shorter ~15 ft trailer if available.


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The best system I have seen (maybe in this thread) utilized a crane that allowed the blades to be swung over the gyro without a second person present. The only viable storage for the blades IMHO is purpose built wooden cases, one per blade. It adds the complication of stringing the blades every time and I have no idea if that is a big deal or not. A different teeter bar design (two piece?) might be possible. The smart people here can answer that, not me. I get it that no manufacturers are catering to fitting a gyro in a standard trailer that is typically 7ft tall at the back door. I did read a comment on the Niki site that they are trying to get the folding mast down to that height. It's a low percentage of buyers that need it bit if you are folding the mast, why not get it as low as possible? I don't know the technical answers to my questions.


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Hopefully, You can make Mentone. You will see many versions of cranes and supports.
My trailer will be in the first slot beside the Concession stand. based on some Facebook pictures, Christines' red trailer will be parked beside me.
I have the rotor supported inside on the wall of the trailer, and Christine is craned up and set into a blade box on top of the trailer.


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I walked the grassy parking area at Mentone and saw a variety of different transport setups. I was very surprised to see so many gyros trucked in. I got the impression here that hauling a gyro was not a good thing to do routinely but I would guess that half the gyros (or mode) came in on trailers from long distances. Great event!


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I missed that part of Mentone, damn. Now I'm relegated to looking through the forums until the next fly-in.