Tower communications for Utah


Thanks Mike. I have copied these and will study the information. Not sure how much I plan to fly into controlled airspace but I am sure it is good information to know (just in case I ever need to).


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"...Katana N765DC, At ____________ landing Provo with ATIS information ______..."

Mike, my fixed-wing instructor used to get on my case for adding extras like the "N" in the tail number and "ATIS" before information. He told me they'd want it in the form...

"...Katana 765DC, at ____________ landing with information ______..."

...and then drop everything from the tail number but the "5DC" after the first time I heard the tower abbreviate it that way.

Does Provo prefer the long form?
No not nessessary but they will want the November the first time and experimental is required on first communication with a tower for all experimental aircraft. I updated the file to make the change. I did not remove the word ATIS but it could be removed as Paul is correct.


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Approach at PVU?

Approach at PVU?

Hello Michael,

I found that kind of information very helpful.

Don’t they have approach and departure at PVU?

My facilities guide lists 124.3 as approach.

In our local class B airspace we contact approach after we have listened to ATIS and they give us permission to enter the airspace and then they tell us when to contact the tower.

Thank you, Vance
Approach at provo would only be needed if you were IFR. I assume that that will not be the case for a gyro pilot. Provo is a class D. If you want to see class B then look at the SLC file.