To sell or upgrade... That is the question!

Mar 12, 2009
Brigham City, Utah
Cessna, and Stabilized RAF
Total Flight Time
I am selling my set of 30' RAF blades and hub bar.
My blades have approx. 145 hours on them and have flown like a dream.
The serial numbers are 3723 AGCT and 3726 AGCT. The hub bar is the standard ground adjustable bar.

I don't have any information about what generation blades these are and I can't seem to find a fair value for them. I know the new blades I would like are about $5,500.00

If anyone has a thought about a good price for a set of good blades, please let me know... And for heck sake, if you need a set, give me a call. 435-730-0828 and ask for Curt.
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