To all manufacturs and vendors


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To PRA's manufacturing and vendor partners:

We are the PRA (Popular Rotorcraft Association - see ). For 53 years PRA has been a worldwide information source for personal rotorcraft.

Today, we mass market aviation products to our members on 3 gyroplane Facebook pages, 3 forums, and through batch E-mail. We can reach our 10,000+ list of past & present members and guests with pictures of your products and a brief descriptions, coupled with a link to your website.

While the majority of our members are in the USA, we have PRA chapters in Japan, Germany, France, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, as well as individual members around the world. We have no paid employees, and are a 501(c)3 charity with part of our mission being to inform our members of new products of interest.

You can avail yourself of thousands of dollars worth of free advertising directly to users of your products by using PRA's labor as your new marketing department.

PRA members feel that we should only give this valuable ongoing gift to other members who support our PRA family.

Manufacturer's dues are only $100.00,but are worth thousands of dollars. Go to for further information.

PRA will send out the information you provide us, or updates and events you will be attending, or anything you can think of that's new, and do it within a week; and again yearly when you renew or join up, and remind PRAers of your products with links to your website and contact information.

John Rountree,
PRA Business Manager


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Not sure what you want manufacturers to do to join beyond calling in person. There is no Manufacturer option from drop down menus for payments that I see there.


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Hi buddy

I know. What you do is overwrite the amount of 62.00 to $100.00 on two pages and press continue. It will take you to the cr card or paypal site with the correct amount.
Sadly, we paid a professional to write this website he went bankrupt. Didn't finished and would got give PRA the source code.

I've been hacking it without the source code now for a couple of years just to keep it running.
I'm writing a new site... But in my SPARE time. I hope to have it up by this convention, in my dreams that is.

Sorry about that.
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BTW $50 of it is for your vendors spot at Mentone. So do not paid for it again when you register for the convention.