Titanium Explorer US gathering

Joe Pires

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The country's largest gathering of Titanium Explorers took place this weekend in Geneva, Florida. Half of the entire US fleet made the journey to the Central Florida gyroplane mecca. There was much merriment.


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Cool .
Looks like Danny is sporting some big tundra tires on his gyro. :)
Glad to see thay are having fun in the sun !!!! We had ice on the roads this morning.


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Most awesome hosts ...

Most awesome hosts ...

I've had such a great at time these last 3days and Joe & Laura are such an amazing, warm welcoming couple ... Our gyro community have so many "Quiet gems" - hiding in plain sight !Until one spends some time ... You never know who may become great new friends!
I'm really treasuring the ability to spend quality time with folks ... I'd previously only met briefly at fly-ins! There is a fabulous depth of experience,knowledge and just fun aviation stories among the non /low-forum participants!

I'll be rattling around around Sebring- Wauchula area the next couple of days ... Then planning a flight to Jake's area later in the week with Danny K.
It looks like the unfinished business / flight we planned yesterday ... We may try to do-over next weekend... Then I'll start making my way north via Deland- Zhills & on back to Anahuac & KS


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Very, very cool!!!

Looks like the PARTY IS ON at Joe and Laura's house!!!!

More pictures please?
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