Titanium Explorer- First impression?


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There is a good diverse range of gyrocopters in Ireland for sure - although oddly no Auto-Gyros - "Maybe the air in the Ireland is different" !
Auto-Gyro machines fly as well as any other in ireland, maybe your big book of Gyroplane births and deaths is a tad incomplete!


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Paddy - are there any on the EI Ireland IAA register ? That was my observation, sorry I should have made it clearer, not "G" machines.

That's all.


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Sorry for the thread drift.

The Explorer looks really good, looking at the pics the build quality looks great and they have done a great job with the styling.

The machine structurally looks almost exactly like an ELA, the exception being the 2 piece mast, the titanium, and possibly the mast is tilted forward slightly more.

I'm impressed with an empty weight of 230 kgs too.

Looks lovely.