Time for the March Get-together/Meeting March 5 2016


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This Saturday, March 5, 2016 will be the next "official" meeting of Peach State Rotorcraft at our hangars at Cedartown, GA (4A4). You can find directions on this page:


Gyronauts should start arriving around 9:00 and there will be a general meeting just before lunch at noon. Not that I am intentionally trying to bribe anyone, but there WILL be pizza....just sayin'....


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Thanks to all who attended, it was a truly great get-together. Lots of new faces. The "twins" brought their "Minion" SparrowHawk to Cedartown to join the hangars (shown here flown by the inimitable Steve McGowan).


It was raining "meat bombs" all day, but some gyro flying was accomplished in between the showers.
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Youll probably get stuck at some point but there are lots of people there without lockers. My group will be there Sat but the GATRA will be there all weekend.