Tim Chick's Bensen Days 2010 videos


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Yaw Mon that was great fun, you take excellent videos Tim!!!
Thank you for always sharing the adventure with us.


Tim Chick
I guess your camera was working after all! Nice vids.
It recorded but I couldn't get it to play back. I had to put the tape in another camcorder to dump in into my PC. The sound on the tape was also cutting out and you can see funny looking lines in the video. This is the last time using that camcorder. I think it's officially Tango Uniform.

I could've used a little more low level flying but I'm grateful to Ron for taking me up.


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And a good artist, very nice Tim. Her voice is up on my list with Johnette Napolitano.

Nice flying scene, too.



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Very nice and clear video Tim....thank you! We would have had a bit more extra excitement if Scott was also flying his gyro ;).