thrust offset.


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Jul 6, 2019
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300+ flexwing (pendulaire) newly trained on gyrocopter ((autogire)11h)
Hi folks, back again with foolish questions.

Today noticed a difference in the prop was depending where behind I stood so I did a very rough assessment and found the following.

Running the engine BMW K1200RS at 3200rpm standing about 3 metres behind the and central there was lots of wind. Moving to my right facing the prop it took about 4 side steps to exit the main prop wash but only 2 steps to my left for a similar unscientific level of prop wash.

The prop turns clockwise (right) when viewed from the rear.

I have not, yet, made any measurements, but, is this normal and acceptable or does the engine need to be realigned to give a more even prop wash left and right.

Remember, I am not a scientist so please keep your replies simple, well explained, pictures always help.

thank you all in advance