The 'MISSFIT' gets a new engine


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Jul 2, 2007
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Further to the previous post...if when you get time to read/respond a question of the regulatory requirements on ‘modding’ ‘upgrading’ of an existing certified Experimental.

Obviously a new engine is a reasonably large mod. If ones ups the horses...weight...changes the CG, increases prop diameter, new rotors, what are the various FAA hoops that one will undoubtedly be requested to jump through?

Been trying to get hold of our very own Gyro knowledgable DAR Tom Milton, with singular lack of success. He is a busy man with the hand over of CalumetAir...but still had time to be-moan the lack of people wishing to certify Experimental gyros at Mentone. Single seats are a dying breed with the coming of the factory two seaters which are sleek fast comfortable and increasingly safe.

They are the new attractive and growing facet of our sport...but they cost!! It’s nice to be able to go places with a buddy/wife/partner riding behind...if you got the wherewithal.

Some of us either don’t have the money, or someone to tag along. I have wanted an enclose-able touring single like the Aviomania, though still a little pricey. More horses is a road to look at and was interested in the regulatory requirements?