the look of the upcoming 2 seat mosquito


Good looking ships the Aurors are, Wonder what kind of money.
I agree with Wasp Air on those skids. You need more up front for a slide on landing. Looks like it would tip forward to easy like it is. Harry


Lets hope so . I did what you did in a Brantly once. I was practicing auto's and the engine killed. I had just bought the ship. I knew the collective didnt come up as far as my other one. It sure seemed like it had a lot of lift also. I found out why. To much pitch in the rotors. During the auto it went below the bottom red zone for the rotor speed. I immediatly started doing S turns to get the rotor speed back up some. Sure didnt want them to fold up on me. So I ended up doing a long slide on. Glad I had the skids it had. slid about 50 feet. I turned up the idle some and headed home. I felt very lucky. Harry

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John has always put reliability at the top of the list. He spent a lot of time developing the first model before offering it for sale.


There's been hot and heavy legal action over skids that look like that, with Bell getting sued in three countries by Eurocopter, alleging that the 429 skids are ripped off from the EC-120.
This is a patent that John should, or possibly has, looked into.

It was mentioned that Bell's primary argument used to fight the Eurocopter patent was that this type of skid had been previously used in Canada on snow sleds. I think he said that the skids have a slight corrective steering capability depending on the force on the rail during a run-on landing.

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Double take

Double take

Talking about things that look awfully famailiar...any one looked at the Pakistani UAV..called the Mosquito!:spy:


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Funny these always exist as computer renderings or sitting on the ground.

Any graphics guy can create a beauty in this way. If you want to design a do-able, viable light, 2-seater, post your transmission and powerplant details. THAT'S WHAT MAKES A HELICOPTER. Not a snazzy fuselage cartoon or mockup.