The Incomplete Rotorcraft Catalogue


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Aug 2, 2009
The sample pages of Leonid's book look so interesting that I ordered one right away, first via Western Union. This turned out to be difficult, since they were asking for all sorts of information when Leonid tried to receive the money I had sent. They also seem to not really follow rigorous procedures, and they also don't seem to document things very well. When I finally wanted to cancel the payment they told me that Leonid didn't try to collect the money, although he wrote me he had been at the bank at least twice. I finally ended by losing the transfer fee and only got the money for the book back. I then payed via Moneygram and that went very smoothly and the transfer fee was only half that for a Western Union one, so guess which one I recommend....;-)

Leonid's book is a true labour of love, with a wealth of aircraft I (and probably most of you) have never heard off. This is the book for a long winter, when you want to study the ideas others had for their aircraft and pay respect to the stamina and ingenuity those people have mustered to make their dreams come true.

So if you are a true rotor nut order your copy right away, it is, in my opinion, well worth your money!

PS, Disclaimer: I don't touch any participation in sales for this sort of advertising the work of our fellow rotary enthusiast....;-)


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