The building of a Kallithea – Part 1


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May 15, 2019
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Last month I visited the factory of Niki Rotor Aviation in Privets, Bulgaria. This is one world class facility from the front gate all the way inside to the assembly hall where the gyroplanes are being assembled. A modern building equipped with all machinery and tools needed for the gyro manufacturing process.

The composites shop was something to be admired by anybody who ever tried to lay down fiberglass or carbon fiber. Highest quality material, knowledgeable and always smiling personnel, processes that appeared to be choreographed and working like Swiss clock… and when you see the completed components, you realize you are dealing with professionals who are proud of their product.

The CAD and R&D Department was something that peaked my interest from the get go. I consider myself proficient in things technical, so seeing the 3D models of flying machines and individual parts was fascinating. Add to this detailed explanations as to why certain things were designed certain way… you can imagine I was in gyro heaven.
Passing to through the avionics and engine shops, I finally found my way to the so called “Assembly Hall” – the place where you want to be. Few gyros in various degree of assembly, bright lights, clean floor, chests full of tools. Right there in one of the corners I saw it – a neatly organized shelf full of parts and components designated to become my new Kallithea. Halleluiah…
Without wasting precious time, Niki introduced me to the floor personnel, and soon after various technicians started working with me through the “51% build assist process”.
This is not my first gyro build, and I should give a shout to the guys and gals at SilverLight Aviation in Florida who were the very first gyro builders to gracefully deal with the usual avalanche of questions that comes out of my mouth.
Back to Niki’s shop, It will take volumes to describe the excitement of putting together a future flying machine, so all I will say is: you need to experience it first hand to really fully appreciate it, so go and do it…
Aside from the factory, the local hotel accommodations are world class. Resort Riu is pretty much next door, and offers fantastic level of comfort even for the most refined of tastes.
In a few posts I will upload pictures from my visit, and will keep posting in the near future as the build takes shape and eventually flies.

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Jul 2, 2007
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It is an exciting journey, and to fly a machine one has built particularly rewarding.

That certainly looks a first class facility, good looking machine, and I wish you joy in your build.