Test Pilot Needed

B Hawley

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I have several inquires out for a Little Wing 5 test pilot, but no pilot yet. Have followed up on all leads so far, barring a mass email.
She's ready for flight at the Lincoln Airport (KLHM) northeast of Sacramento. There must be someone out there?
Brad Hawley [email protected] 530 559 3897 Little Wing 5
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LW-5-3 N954BH


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Ron Awad is on the East Coast and has lots of Gyro and Fixed wing time and loves to fly new things. An airline ticket may convince him to do it.


I don’t know how much tailwheel time you have. If you have a lot excuse the post. Perhaps while you’re waiting you can still move ahead by obtaining some tailwheel instruction. The instruction will give you a good foundation to begin your LW instruction. Have you called Jim Vanek ?