TERCEL flight testing


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We have started the flight tests and building flight time for the German certificate with the first unit D-MTCL.

At the same time we are in the process of registration (VVZ) by DULV of the second unit, the D-MTRS.

Flying the two TERCEL simultaneously will significantly speed up the process of certification,
which we expect to be completed in few months.


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I can't wait to get my hands on one of those.
Perhaps the test plan should include some hot and high altitude testing here in SA :plane::plane:


Gyroplane Manufacturer
We can now confirm first "real world", independent performance figures obtained by the first user, our customer from Germany. On his flight from our factory airfield to Germany he registered in cruise 160kmh (100mph) at 5160rpm on our Rotax RTS turbocharged engine. He was flying at app. 1000ft AGL, 1200ft AMSL at the moment of registration of the parameters.
The flight was with full fuel, two adult test pilots and some luggage, the take off weight was 560kg, data registered short after take off,
(there was strong head wind, ground speed 114kmh).

The glass cockpit used for navigation and/or ASI is iPad Mini. This configuration is one of the many options available for TERCEL.

More details and images of the flight in this thread:

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