Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia


Sep 13, 2019
yes, I am familiar with the testing, and why, Alex was performing on that particular craft. We spoke about it previously. As I said, Alex was one of the greats. I respect him and appreciate his contributions. There are very few like him and he is missed.


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Jul 2, 2007
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So very sorry to hear this news as another member of our community leaves us. My deepest commiserations to family, and Alex’s friends.

That seemed a comprehensive report with, at this stage, no immediate or apparent mechanical failure.

Our desire and sport is, at the same time, immensely rewarding, but very unforgiving, as indeed are many others.

If I take any consolation from this it would be that it was a passing that occurred during something Alex loved, relatively brief, and I think something we all acknowledge as a possibility every time we choose to loosen the bonds and venture into the domain we are privileged to be able to explore.


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Nov 16, 2003
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I think Alex was an excellent person. We all liked him. I agree that speculation serves no purpose on this forum. I also believe honesty will go a long way....
I respectfully disagree with that statement re: speculation.
Speculation is exactly how an accident cause is determined. Then, known facts are used to establish the most likely causes of the accident.

As flyers, we want to know what went wrong to help all of us become better @ defying gravity in order to aviate. Please don't confuse speculation w/ occasional wild guesses w/out any supporting facts or info. Most speculation by fellow pilots is attempting to make sense of what happened, tempered w/ love & respect for the pilot who has "Gone West".

Such love & respect has been shown by all who knew Alex & his family, including Paul, who obviously had a great father-son relationship.

I never met Alex & feel badly I didn't attend the last El Mirage event he came to w/ the Tango machine, because of all the comments from those who knew him. I only have an inkling of what father Alex must have been like from a brief phone conversation I had w/ son Paul (Pavel) a couple of years back. Paul was very helpful, friendly, & informative to me when I called about their gearboxes, having already been very happy w/ flying around in my gyro w/ the Yamaha 3 banger.


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Aug 8, 2011
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It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I lost my father that day. My hero.....
For those of you who are speculating please know this.... there were no issues with the gyro at all (mechanically)...
My father had a medical emergency in the air which was the primary contributing factor to the crash...
I'm not sure how so many commenting after Paul's post,... appear to have overlooked his clear statement that Alex suffered an in-flight medical event ....as did my Jim! ......reading the description of the wreckage & impact ...it is very similar to Jim's machine's impact with terra-firma -( but with the opposite turning engine & prop ... opposite impact zones on the gyro & thankfully no fire!)
Again my deepest empathy with the Vagner family!