Sport Copter M912 for sale


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So I am selling my M912 Sport Copter. Simple reason is that I am unable to operate the toe brakes with my fused ankle. The listing with photos and details appears on Barnstormers. Asking price is $54,000. I hate to part with it, but it is what it is.



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So sad to read this Russ. I remember what you went though to get her home.

Good luck on you sale.


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Would have to relocate the pre-rotator control too since not possible to have throttle, brake and pre-rotator control all on the left. Need one hand on the stick. Maybe put the pre-rotator on the stick some how.



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Rasool: With the least amount of trouble moving things around, try leaving the current toe pedal as is (whichever side that doesn't have the fused ankle issue), and re-locate the other toe pedal to become a heel pedal for your other foot.

Is it correct to assume your fused-ankle side can still operate the rudder pedal safely?


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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I actually discussed this problem at length with Jim Vanek last weekend, and I could design a work around, I am sure. At this point, I have decided to leave it on Barnstormers and check out the market interest. If I decide to keep it, I will certainly explore one of these options. I flew it about 20 hours last summer (between brake repairs), and it really is a blast to fly and is a unique gyro in many ways. I still have my 582 Dominator and flew it often while the Sport Copter was down for brake repairs. I am also thinking about selling both of them and buying a used Euro style tandem for a change of pace.