Source of soft aluminum tubing


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Looking for a source of 5052-0 or 6061-0 aluminum tubing that is 1-1/8 inch dia. Only need about a foot but would buy 5 ft if I can find it ???? Can find up to 5/8 but hard to find bigger.

Tony :noidea:


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Thanks for the suggestions guys, but onlinemetals did not have any "0" temper tubing and Stock car Steel did not have it either or the 1/1/8 size, so am still looking. Am told it does exist in 1-1/8 inch and .058 (somewhere).



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Tony, save yourself the aggravation of trying to find something so difficult. Simply anneal 6061-T6 tubing or have someone do it for you.
I'm assuming you are going to form it and then re-harden it after for more strength, right?


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Hey John

You must be physic, I got some 1-1/8 6061-T6 and just this afternoon decided to try exactly that with a acetylene torch. First try I melted the end of the scrap tube, second try got it right. What this is all about is I am making the plumbing of the cooling system for the Weber MPE-750 engine and needed to make some "beading" on the ends of some of the interconnecting tubing that goes into various hoses. Well anyway, took that scrap piece of tube and tried the beading tool got a beautiful bead rolled on the tube, so crisis solved. There will be essentially no stress on these tubes so the temper is not critical. You were probably posting your suggestion while I was at the hangar doing just that. :) :)



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