I'll be glad to Chuck. I'm leaving for work today and I'll be back on Thursday or Friday. I'll take some then and get them posted.

Thanks for all the support and positive comments

Here are some of the photo's I took. The top right is the panel. Middle is the Com Radio (Becker) Transponder w/mode C, and intercom with music jack. The radio and transponder would not fit in the panel so I made a box and moved them out 3 inches. The radio system works great. The top left is the RAF Tach's I'm having problems with. The Bottom 4 are the Fuel System.


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You've come a long ways in a pretty short amount of time. I'm impressed and excited for your. Before you know it your machine will be registered and instected and you will be leading the charge into the air, here in Utah. Congratualations!!!

Gyro Doug
Thanks Doug. I always appreciate your positive thoughts. Here are a couple more shots. Top left is the home made door latch. There are three on each door. Top middle is a pilots side. Top Right is the new seat and seat belts. Bottom three are: The heater hose routing. I didn't want to much exposier to hot water in the cockpit, so I ran the hoses on the out side. Next, I drilled and safety wired any bolt that did not have a ny-lock nut. This was also the case for the two bolts that control the fore and aft limit of the rotor head. Finialy I put an extra spring on the brake cable to ensure the brakes would always be unlocked when landing. Probabaly overkill, but it makes me feel good.. If there is anything else someone wants to see, let me know. I'll try to get it.

See ya'll later. Have a great week.



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Nice job Curtis! I really like the simplicity of the door latches. I wish you many hours of pleasure in your fantastic machine!


Curt, man, you got it going, we are proud of your achievement, because some of us have been in your shoes, and we know how hard it is to get to sleep, once the day has wound down, you will loose some sleep, and won't even realize it for a few days, until your family will say, you look tired.

congratulations Curt.



Curt, Way to go, I hope to be there myself this summer. I should be home from Iraq in time to see your machine at the Rotors over the rockies flyin.





Congratulations on your solo! It is amazing how many things we forget in the span of a lifetime but we never forget the feeling of that very first solo in anything that defies gravity.


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OUTSTANDING! Wow, sweet machine, too. Good thing that pod - I had to make my windshield bigger to keep the bugs of my teeth. I yell YEEEEEEE HAAAH!!! an awful lot too....
You guys crack me up!!! Just about the time I start to think of anything else, I either think of that ride or look at your responces and the teeth stick way out front. LIFE IS GREAT!!!