SOLD! Relisted RAF200 modified for Center-Line-Thrust and other safety changes. Located in Sebring,FL


May 1, 2006
Sebring, FL
Total Flight Time
Highly modified RAF2000, Subaru EJ22 engine with 3blade IVO quick adjustment prop, CLT, horizontal stab, Don Parham spring landing gear, 2nd generation RAF blades (like new with only 3.2 flight hours on them), only 3.2 hours airtime and 18.3 hours tach time. Located near Sebring, FL airport/raceway.
Lots of custom features. Doors included. Custom trailer with Florida registration and tags included.
I am the builder but at 75 years old and recently had 16th eye surgery am ready to let go of this gyro at a good deal. Make your best offer. I am looking for offers around $20K . Gyro title will transfer by FAA "Bill of Sale", EAA standard liability waiver, and trailer by Florida vehicle bill of sale and registration.
I lowered the keel and main gear by 12", extended the nose gear and made it castering so I could add independent heel brakes, widened the main gear to 7 foot, lowered the engine by 13", relocated the radiator and battery to above the engine, and replaced the muffler to custom straight stringers on each cylinder (listen to attached videos for great sound).These mods brought the vertical CG and prop thrust line to within 1" and thus made this RAF PPO resistant and less prone to ground rollovers. It also made the horizontal stabilizer more effective due to less loading. All of this avoided the need for the heavier SparrowHawk mod so I could easily make Sport Pilot rules (it is FAA registered at 1320 lbs gross). I am a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer so I was able to accomplish these mods with confidence.
The EJ22 is rated for 130 hp with the Holley 350cfm 2 barrel carb installed.
I am the original builder although I purchased the kit secondhand. The 3.2 hours are actual air times which were uneventful and the other 18 hours are engine brake-in time as recommended by the RAF factory.
The FAA Air Worthiness Certificate was issued in 2009 by Tom Milton a well known DAR inspector for the FAA for gyros.The gyro is still under a continuing Air Worthiness Registration that is permanent and transfers with the sale. The aircraft was last under a annual condition inspection inspection in 2014 (also performed by Tom Milton and his son who is a helicopter A&P). FAA requires a 40 hour fly-off testing period before a passenger can be carried. The gyro has not flown or been ran since 2015 when I developed a serious eye problem requiring treatment and surgery and I am not able to fly it anymore.
I made a wood cradle to hold and balance the complete gyro horizontal on it's side (longitutinal and vertical axis) to measure the vertical center of gravity sans fuel. Every part I relocated, added or removed (including the cradle) was weighed and it's new location recalculated. The final gyro CG was 1" above the new thrust line.
I did a hang test per RAF specs with 5 gals of fuel and a single 180# pilot and with 2 people weighing 350# total and the keel angle was well within the spec for both tests.
The dropbox link below has recent videos and photos to show the latest condition of the gyro and trailer w/ bladebox. For the age of the gyro it is in like new condition and has been stored indoors all it's life. The first included video was of the first engine start since 2015 and I forgot to prime the engine and in the excitement to hear it run I held the key start a little longer than necessary.