Small improvements and/or additions to AR-1


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Check out some small improvements on AR-1 for 2018

Another improvement of interest possibly to current owners is a push-pull electric trim system. AR-1 without any external trim mechanism flies at around 60 mph. The previous trim system was great at going slower but to go faster it was not the best and required pilot to keep a little pressure on the cyclic forward. This push-pull trim system does away with that. It uses existing linear actuator and there is a kit to install additional parts to existing machines. Please look for a service letter in coming weeks for procedure to upgrade your trim. It is done at cost basis for our existing customers. All new AR-1 have this new trim system.


Great ,as always, work,Fara. How easy to override the trim system in case of any malfunction or it is automatic?
Thank you.


I installed the new trim system. You still have pitch control because the trim is not rigidly connected to the rotor; it uses a spring, so you can compress or stretch the spring with the cyclic. For example when taking off or landing you don't need to adjust the trim, even though take-off means going from full-forward to full-back. Of course it's better for spring longevity to keep the trim neutral so you're not fighting the spring too much (compressing or stretching it).