SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B IN/OUT transceiver

There are some minimum required ADS-B data differences in Europe - I figured this out while trying to get my 1090-ES capable Funke transponder to do ADS-B out.

You can use a non-certified GPS, for a start, and then they have a smaller packet that just says where / how high you are. I got this all working, but failed the ADS-B test report because the Funke doesn't send the speed / heading in the report - I suspect these cheaper products are purely GPS based - it might show up on an ADS-B in display, but I don't think you'd have any luck passing the test to be able to use it in Class C :(
I have a SkyEcho in my Nano.
It has an un-certified GHPS (although the same chipset as some of the certified gear) so is not acceptable for use in controlled airspace.
But it is compatible with the NZ ADS-B network- they can see me, other ADS-B IN equipped aircraft can see me.
The unit's ADS-B IN is linked by wifi to Oz Runways on my phone strapped to my knee.
But I spend FAR more time looking out and around than at my screen- mostly as a quick area check to supplement radio watch and eyeball for situational awareness.
A handy little unit.