Simonini engines?

victor 2

victor 2

I still can't get a hold of the only company in North America that can sell this motor. Not sure I want to deal with them after this now. I sent email to the head quaters in Italy they tell me they forward it to speedwing.
I have called and left messages but still no reply I just want to here why they do to someone who might buy a motor.
I got to talk to Guy he said 7100 US to get one here. I asked to see the pipes they have for it and he said he would email them to me but that was two weeks ago. It must be nice not to have to sell them here to do so well.

I don't know why they are so slow in contacting to US - they answered my e-mails next day. Some kind of a black hole like that guy with gearboxes :(
If you mean exhaust pipes - they have their small photo at their website (see 'komponenti' link). I've almost finished engine mount for the engine and I can make some photos of it together with exhausts. Will do tomorrow.
Brent_Brown said:
Alex lets see the motor on your gyro.

Hi, Brent,

I cannot show much still since I've frozen this project for a while to get our first SparrowHawk assembled as soon as possible.
This picture is slightly outdated: exhausts are again below engine - I've just cheked how they fit better. Also these two longitudal stainless beams are two motormounts: wider one is for Subaru EA-82, and narrow is for Simonini - it simply lays to check how engine fits behind the mast. Diagonal engine mount struts aren't instaleed. Last time I worked with this project I solved some difficulties with it's installation and found out how to install hydraulic prerotator - this engine is very hard to install something else on it.
Hope to continue with Simon some later - after our first SH is ready.



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Well, one more pic: the gearbox is inverted for this application. Nice thing inside.


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I got this email but don't see the post here. Steven I never get what I ask for so this is not new to me. I'm in need of a LIGHT weight motor to power my trainer. This motor is a bolt on for my gyro. I would just like to hear from more who fly it.

Alex I was looking at putting the pipes over the motor like you have in the photos. Any reason way you don't like them there? would they work that way?

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I can't believe you're continuing to pursue this after all the negative vibes you've experienced. Trust your instincts!
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Yeah, I saw some reasons against upper exhausts:
- this makes possible for exhaust condensate to be collected in the pipes' elbows
- I prefer radiator to be mounted above engine and
- I suppose that there would be much more noise for the crew if exhausts are too close to pilots' heads (especially in back seat which we mostly use for instruction and demo rides, letting passenger to occupy front seat - mych better feeling of flight for newcomer ;)
One more thing was (I don't know exactly, didn't try to do: I suppose that it would add some difficulties for prerotator (hydraulic) mounting. There also may be some danger for plugs' and wires due to extra heat from pipes.
Actually the only reason I tried to put exhausts above engine was that when they are below I couldn't put diagonal engine mount struts where I'd like them to be. But (I like this phrase which one of our, say, DARs, use to use), "doubtful pros failed to outweigh doubtless contras".
Alax what is up with this gyro? And I just read that a Company is selling a gearbox for the geo / Suzuki motors that looks like the one you can't get for me. Do you know anything about this. The name of the Air Trikes out of Pierrefonds Quebec.
Hey Alex,
Is that a Dominator airframe that new engine is mounted on? I didn't know Dad had sold one in Russia. Just wondering.

Ernie sold at least two tandems to Russia. I made my first gyro flight in one of them and then I learnt to fly gyro in them.
This airframe is just beeing built on Dominator ideas - after we showed how good gyro can fly and explained why this gyro is good many guys here started to build their own gyros which look more or less like Dominators. Most of them were built without deep understanding of Dominator design philosophy, but (I know Ernie is very upset about using "Dominator" name for bad devices) no one calls them "Dominators".


We've already done ground test with this Simonini VIIP engine (good results) but now this project is delayed since I wish to test fly our first SparrowHawk first.

As for Canadian guy - there are two of them selling "Start" gearboxes directly from manufacturer. I cannot tell you nothing good nor bad about these guys - just know that they deal with manufacturer.
OK I guess that is how I have to get one if need be. you can't get them and this guy across the water can what's up with that?
How is that engine doing, why wouldn't it start and how many hours are on it now. What gryo is it in and what prop are you using?
Alex (Twinstar)
Can you give us an update on the Simonini engine? Sorry Brent, I thought you both had one
How is your MZ 202 doing? What time do you have on it ? Would you get another? Is it really that light?
It is off the gyro now so I can put a 670 on it but I like it would get another over a 503 anyday yes it is that light. mine pulled 340 pound at ROC that is what the 582 pulled. about 50 hours. I am going to put is on a single seater now, or sell it to help get my Corvair in the air.
I've seen the yahoo group for Corvair engines, Pretty impressive performances for that motor. Are parts for it readily available?