SilverLight Aviation fully open again


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Oct 31, 2011
Tampa, FL
Total Flight Time
4000+ 380 gyroplanes. Sport CFI Gyro and Trikes
Hi All:
Just wanted to let everyone know that SilverLight Aviation (AR-1) is opening back up fully with all the employees we had before. We have been partially open so far but going back to fully open. We are seeing some supply chain issues like not finding acrylic to make our canopies anywhere in the US as sneeze guard makers have gobbled up all of it and delays on avionics and slower shipping from some vendors but we hope to work through these issues.

We are open to give screened customers flights and tours with appointment. Please contact us prior to coming. We are trying to restrict outside people to ones we have screened by questioning on the phone. Our flight aircraft is fully sanitized before every flight and post flight.

Please e-mail [email protected] for information