Side by Side, 50ties style....;-)


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Thanks for the hint, Javier! When I saw the picture I thought: "Great to be a helicopter designer"! If you meet a nice young lady you don't have to ask her: "Would you like to see my stamp collection?". You just place her in your contraption and put your arm around her saying: "Hey, babe,let me help you with that handle..".

On a more sombre note, he must have been exceedingly confident about his design, with his wife not strapped to the aircraft. When the Sikorsky VS-300 was first flown by a new pilot he didn't strap himself to the seat and when he took off he managed to make the aircraft buck so wildly that he was thrown upwards right through the rotor disk. Fortunately, that close to the shaft, the the speed of the blade was low enough so he wasn't killed. He got away with a broken arm.

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Rotary-wing machines are extraordinary aircraft, and these pioneers were extraordinary people too: Cierva, Young, Hiller, Flettner, Sikorsky, Bensen, all of them lived extraordinary lives...

PS: No idea about those 'post signatures'...
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