Shout-out to the new Air Command management


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A quick note to voice a favorable opinion about the new Air Command management...

I bought Elite CLT N3126R back in February and have been having a ball flying it, although it had some vibration that I wanted to address. I got rid of most of the 1/rev vibration using a PB-4 balancer, but there was still quite a bit (2-2.5ips) of 2/rev vibration, so much that it was hard to read my navigation instrument. I noticed there was a bit of play in the teeter bearing (not just the normal slight chord-wise play, but vertical play as well). I removed the blades and measured the teeter bushings and found them to be out of round by a few thousandths of an inch. Figuring they were worn, I called up Joe at Air Command and arranged to have the rotor head serviced.

I had it back within a little over a week with new bushings, a new main bearing, and a couple of other items corrected. Re-mounted it and flew... MUCH less 2/rev shake. Although I haven't measured it with the balancer yet, it's quite a bit less, and the bird is more fun to fly now, and less fatiguing.

I had also somehow lost the seat-tank fuel cap, and Joe was able to get a new one in the mail to me the next day.

Thanks, Joe, for the great service!



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I have a safety chain on all my AC gas caps. Never had on come off in flight, but don't want them going through my prop !

Where do you think yours went ?


Good opportunity to add my 2 cents. In the past few months I have e-mailed with Joe, and bought a few things. He has always been very prompt with replies, and whatever I ordered I got QUICK. I echo the kudos to Joe.