SERVICE INSTRUCTION - PAC = Optional fuel pressure adapter for ROTAX® Aircraft Engines


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Apr 21, 2008
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Optional fuel pressure adapter for ROTAX® Aircraft
ATA System: 73-10-00 Fuel system
1) Planning information
“PAC” Service Instruction Documents provide detailed information on ROTAX® Aircraft Engine
Parts and Accessories. Depending on the engine type used with, the referenced parts and acces-
sories may be provided with or without EASA certification or ASTM compliance. Certification /

Compliance of referenced Parts and Accessories must in such cases be completed by the aircraft

To obtain satisfactory results, procedures specified in this publication must be accomplished with
accepted methods in accordance with prevailing legal regulations.
BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of work performed in
accomplishing the requirements of this publication.
1.1) Applicability
Refer to the latest issue of the relevant Illustrated Parts Catalog of your specific engine type.
1.2) Concurrent ASB/SB/SI and SL
In addition to this Service Instruction - PAC the following Service documents must be observed

and complied with:
in general all relevant Alert Service Bulletins (ASB), Service Bulletins (SB), Service Instructions
(SI), Service Letters (SL), Service Instruction - Parts and Accessories (SI-PAC).
1.3) Reason
In the course of continuous development and standardization, an optional fuel pressure adapter

has been introduced as an optional extra part.
1.4) Subject
Optional fuel pressure adapter for ROTAX® Aircraft Engines.
1.5) Compliance
None - For Information Only.
1.6) Approval
1.7) Labor time
Estimated labor hours:
Engine installed in the aircraft - - - labor time will depend on airframe installation and therefore no
estimate is available from the engine manufacturer.