Sep 1, 2012 Chapter 56 Meeting at Rome, GA (KRMG)


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It's that time again....

We will be sharing airport facilities once again with EAA Chapter 709 at KRMG. That means we may participate as guests in their pancake breakfast.

You can get more information here with directions and maps. Most people arrive around 8:30 and hang around until lunchtime when we carpool into Rome for lunch and the "formal" meeting.

Gyros arriving by air and/or trailer will be welcome and accommodated.


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We've been having some excellent weekend "pre-meetings" at Piedmont, Alabama and Cedartown, Georgia of late. As long as weather is good, this bodes well for the coming "official" meeting in September.

Don't miss it!

Ron Iaconis

GYRO 1 Ron Iaconis
Haven't been checking posts !!!!!

Haven't been checking posts !!!!!

I have not been checking the latest postings,,,
And again,,,,I missed our meeting...sorry to say!!!!


After talking to Jon I was eager to go to my first meeting.

That was until my wife informed me that some of the kids were coming in for that weekend. Love to see the kids and love it when they come here, it beats the heck out of driving to see them.

Darn it why of all weekends did they have chose the one I had plans for. I can't wait until they have kids, I will get a lot of revenge for this and other things they have put me through raising them.

Had fun and enjoyed them being here, but I still couldn’t keep my thoughts from wandering. Got gyro on my mind.


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Well, there's always December! It'll be here before you know it. Sorry to have missed you both!


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I made it in late, and then headed to Chipley Fl. to pick up my niece so she could move back to Tennessee. A long trip but got it done safely. I wanted to pull the gyro down for viewing but with the long trip ahead i gust unloaded it and put it back to rest under the carport. maybe next time guy's.

Stan V

Jon, I had planned to attend as well, seems my wife had invited our grandchildren over for the weekend, I checked the the GPS and found it would quite a hike from Monticello as well. Another time, thanks for the invite. Stan PRA 41973