Semi retired, DIY handyman fabricator guy on a gyro mission


Apr 16, 2023
FAR 103 Ultralight Airvehicle gyrocopter homebuilt, self-designed DIY
Total Flight Time
At least 50 plus, between trikes, 3 axis Flight Star, and gyrocopter ultralight air vehicle.
I've been a peruser of the knowledge and experience on this site for some time, and now that I'm actually cutting metal, it's time to step up my game, register and introduce myself:

I'm a DIY handyman guy who enjoys "fix it up" build-it, customized projects like my fish ski boat, for fun and adventures on the water. What's not to like? lol😊

I've been an ultralight airvehicle pilot for decades, and I'm into fun, slow flying.

Plenty of room here at my country place for gyrocopter takeoff and landings.

I will be doing most of my practice and working bugs out of DIY gyrocopter design I'm building, over at Atchison Kansas's Amelia Earhart Airport, which is used but little, and has lots of paved runway for "crow hopping".

No need to worry about anything untoward going wrong lol ... I'm cautious to a fault, full of common sense painfully learned via the School of Hard Knocks.

Not possible to "Hold my beer, what could possibly go wrong?" ... As a diabetic, conscientiously working with Dr Eric Berg's healthy keto and intermittent fasting regime, drinking is not permitted LOL🫡
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