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AG - don't forget they have already managed to get the Cavalon Pro Type Certified in the UK - no small achievement.

Part of their rationale says

"Certification recognizes a higher degree of safety, quality and reliability for operators as well as reducing insurance risk and enabling fleet financing."

They've already sold two and delivered two "Pro" models within the UK to commercial operators.

More here

Meanwhile back at the SC II ranch - One new machine registered in the past two years suggests production is not at peak volume.


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Primary category cert will technically allow rental. Yes. But practically i doubt it will happen. For a CFI to rent he has to have pretty good commercial insurance. If you have never experienced a lawsuit from someone doing aerobatics and killing themselves in your aircraft. I can tell you ftom first hand experience, its not sonething I'd wish on my enemy.

So in essence, the insurance companies will determine that not certification. To this day they dont cover solo student operations in SLSA trikes or PPC which legally can also be rented.

By the way, we'd be better off waiting a bit because Rotorcraft Directorate will be no more. There will be no more Directorates in the FAA at all.