Safety wire magni teeter pivot lock ring yes or no


On a magni rotorhead there is a threaded barrel to position the rotor chordwise on the teeter bolt. Once adjusted this barrel is prevented from rotating by a round lock nut.

Is there any reason to avoid using safety wire to secure the lock ring? Due to the materials involved the lock ring is not torqued to a very high value. In my experience with helicopters such things always got safetied.


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I see no one ever answered your question, but I, for one, am not sure what the "threaded barrel" is that you're talking about.

Mike G

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Up until yesterday I agreed with Brian that locking wire was unnecessary.
Yesterday I was asked to look at a Magni that was used for tourist flights around a very popular site in France.
The 1/rev vibration exceeded 6 IPS, it beat my previous record of 2.8 IPS easily.
The locking nut had come loose and the rotor had slowly moved chordwise to the limit so was 2 mm (0.080") off centre.
So there may be an argument that locking wire would be a good idea.