Rattler 1

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Why are Rotorway helicopters sold so cheap with so few hours? They look very nice and I would like to own one but am very skeptical. Can someone shed some light?


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The people I have talked to who own Rotorway helicopters seem to work on them more than an hour for each hour they fly. .

Some people would rather work on their aircraft than fly so it works for them.

There are a lot of systems in helicopters and most helicopters require a lot of maintenance per hour of flight.

I feel the low prices for second hand, low hour Rotarway helicopters says a lot about what it is like to own one.

I have flown two and they seemed to fly well enough.

Barney Bahle

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Keep in mind that not all Rotorways are created equal. Their have been a lot of changes since they came out in the 60's. I assume from your "look very nice" statement that we can ignore the Scorpion and go directly to the Exec. That came out in 1980. In that almost 40 years their have been 2 different bodies, 3 rotor systems, 4 or 5 secondary changes, half a dozen engines, and as many new owners. Not to mention the belt drive tail rotor has been changed to a shaft. And don't forget that they are all home built. Not all builders have the same attention to detail.

If you're looking at a cheap Rotorway you need to know what you're looking at. To lump them all into one basket and call them cheap is like throwing Chevettes and Corvettes into one basket and calling them all Chevys.


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When I have seen them at events, they always arrive by trailer, not flown in, and reading that as an omen has been enough to keep me away.