Rotorway Scorpion 2 Restoration Project

Hi all.

Newbie here. I have recently acquired a Rotorway Scorpion 2, in pretty good shape but it was stored outside for some years, only covered with plastic sheets. Engine is RW133 but it also has a Subaru (I think - it's still with the last owner).
Windshield has to be polished or replaced, belts should be replaced ASAP I think. I'm missing original manuals, blueprint and documentation which it will be needed to register (EU country). So if anyone can help, it's very much needed.


Barney Bahle

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Welcome to he forum. I just rebuilt a Scorpion Too but mine didn't sit outside, fortunately it was stored in a garage in the desert, nice dry environment. I stripped it down to the frame, cleaned up some light surface rust, and inspected everything. Fresh paint, all new belts and hoses, and then a careful re assembly. You can see the first hover here I just got the Airworthiness Certification and as soon as the weather breaks I can get my test pilot to work off the phase 1 flight testing.

That said I have no idea what you need to do to get yours legal in Romania. I can tell you there was recently a manual and set of prints for sale on Ebay for around $75. If you keep and eye out there they may show back up. If not you can get them here The quality from Vortech's manual isn't that great but it is word for word a copy of the original Scorpion Too manual.

Windshield is an easy one. It's just a flat sheet of Lexan that you cut out and drill to match your body. Use your old scratched one as a pattern. I don't know about where you live but mine cost me around $50. That's a lot easier than polishing.

My main drive belts came from here but I don't know if Bob ships overseas. My accessory and tail rotor belts came from Amazon but I have since learned that Kevlar is out so I'll end up replacing them sooner than expected. Bob has tail rotor belts for Execs but because I have a longer tail only one size fits my Scorpion. I have not yet looked into replacements.

My hoses came from Advanced Auto. Whatever your local parts store is should be able to help you out there. I simply took mine with me and played around till we found something that fit.

Fortunately for us when the Scorpion was designed it used a lot of off the shelf parts. Almost all the bearings are easily obtained except the swashplate bearing, assuming you are running the cable head. If you have the Elastomeric system that's a different ball game.

The guy that did the first hover in the video I posted is Homer Bell. He's the local guru on the Scorpion.

Lots of good info here but mostly related to Exec's.

Hope it helps
Hi Barney

Thank you for the response. I will register it as experimental, which has some limitations but is fine for what I need.

Main problem is that I don't have access to an expert like Homer Bell and helicopter engineers are pretty rare in my country. I am sure I can make it hover by my own but I am in doubt it can fly safely out of ground effect.

I will need more videos and pictures if you can send. I am very interested in your approach. PM me your e-mail address if you want.
Thanks Barney!
I have another question, regarding blades. I read somewhere that there is a risk of delamination, especially if they are old. Where to buy new ones?

Also, what differences are between Scorpion Too, Scorpion 2 and Scorpion-133.