Rotors over the Rockies June 5th through June 9th


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From Doug Baker Chapter 2

Rotors Over the Rockies 2018 is quickly coming up again. THis year it will be held June 5th through June 9th, at the Nephi, UT. airport. (same location as we had last year) There is dry camping available on the airport (without hookups) at no cost, and there are public bathrooms on the airport. There are also several motels and KOA type campgrounds available nearby for those that feel the need for more refined services.
We will have several Gyro CFI's available with training machines for those that want to receive some Gyro training while here, or for new people wishing to take an introductory flight training flight to check out different machines. Special guests this year will include a return of the PALV group with a trainer, and many other very interesting Gyros that will be worth the trip to see. We will also have a DAR available for those looking to get their Gyro inspected and certificated, as well as a DPE for those wishing to get their Gyro Pilot License examination completed. Please contact us ahead of time to schedule time with these people. It will be a great time and we look forward to seeing many of our old friends at this annual event. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to facilitate your trip to join us for this event.



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ROTORS OVER THE ROCKIES here we come..... this will be my 5 consecutive year attending.... 3 @ Brigham , 2nd @ Nephi ...Very under-promoted but a great practical workshop event with a small friendly atmosphere ...well worth the 2 days drive out & back! ...Camped at Laramie tonight .... 7 hrs drive remains! ...... Hope to see some of you there!


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The extended weather forecast looks like one of our best weather weeks ever for ROTR, with low humidity, lots of sun, and a near-zero chance of rain. Thanks to our friends at KUTV for that good news.

The PAL-V folks have confirmed for a Saturday morning presentation. Their program last year was a highlight. A new treat this year - Airgyro Aviation, CFI Mike Burton's old stomping grounds, is bringing over a Trendak Tercel from Spanish Fork Friday morning to show-&-tell. This design has evolved from the Xenon, and I'm scheduled for a flight review in it on Thursday.

I'm planning to start a project interviewing gyro owners about the unique features of their birds for the launch of a podcast in the near future, and would also love to share some video after the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone!



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I was planning on attending this year - even have the week off. But, after all the remodeling done from the flood last year that FINALLY got done this spring, I've decided to spend the week as a staycation, and crack open the crate that has my Sportcopter in it and re-start my build. Money just wasn't there to go up this year. Got my keel tail wheel installed today and ran the wiring for the nav lights through it. Plan to get the keel, nosewheel assy and the lower mast together later this week. It's been 10 months since I've touched my bird. So, this will have to suffice instead of hanging up there in Utah. I hope you all have a great event!


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Terry, understood.

Vance - It'll be great to see you!

We had early arrivals from Colorado, Kansas, Arizona and Oregon, and already a collection of fun machines. The morning low temps will be in the upper-50s, so that part of the day should be the best for flying. I'l post photos when able, video eventually.


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I had a good time at Nephi getting my biannual check with Mike, flying around in my gyro and listening to some very interesting stories. Nice to see that Pegasus Aviation is doing so well. Thanks to Rick Eichmann for helping me with my Avare app. First pic is of the sand dunes west of Nephi. 2nd Chris's nice Titanium gyro generously sharing the thrill. We had some pretty thin air and quite a bit of wind. Last pic is of a helicopter I haven't seen before with tail dragger type landing gear.



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That's probably an Army Apache AH-64 attack helicopter, although I don't know them well enough to tell you confidently which sub-model (E?). They've been building them with that sort of gear configuration since the mid- 1970s..