Rotors Over The Rockies 2011

Hey guys,
I thought I would make a new thread for ROTR 2011.
Since I orderd my trailer and put in for vacation time I am planning on showing up. I think we are going to start the friday before the event and head to southern Utah. Tammi really wants to see Zion National Forest, so that will be our first destination. We will migrate north to Spanish Fork so I can get my night flight training done with Mike. We should end up there around Monday or Tuesday. After that, we will head for Bringham City for the event on Thursday the 9th. (I am sure we will be stopping at every noteworthy place so Tammi can take pictures.) We will get up early Sunday morning and head for home.

Who else is going to be there????
I am getting excided about it and it's still over 5 months away!
My trailer should be finished and ready for me to pick it up next week. I will have some work to do to get it ready for the trip.


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You lucky dogs, who got vacation time off...I couldn't get that week off from work, due to others with more time in getting that week off. But, did get the following week off!

So, I'm planning on being there, with some trades with co-workers!


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I think this will be a fun year for ROTR. We had all the makings for a monster event last year, but got the same freakish weather many other spring events had. And we still had fun. We're expecting a tour bus from Colorado Springs with the new members of the new Chapter 38, so it can only get better!

If you want some time with Mike Burton, plan to come early. There are some very reasonable motels and campsites near Airgyro in Spanish Fork, which is about 100 miles south of Brigham City.

If you're coming to the event, earlybirds are welcome to camp as early as Tuesday, June 7th. Admission and on-airport camping will be free again this year, but there are no hookups.


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Brad: Are you planning on flying at those locations you'll be seeing in southern Utah before heading to Spanish Folk and then on to Brigham City?
Kevin, I'll be parking my gyro and trailer at Airgyro before heading south so I won't be flying at other locations although it would be fun. I am hoping to fly from Spanish fork to bringham city on Thursday the first day of the event. I wonder if anyone else will be flying that route on Thursday?


Kevin, I'll be parking my gyro and trailer at Airgyro before heading south so I won't be flying at other locations although it would be fun. I am hoping to fly from Spanish fork to bringham city on Thursday the first day of the event. I wonder if anyone else will be flying that route on Thursday?
I know Mike Brownlee will be bringing his Butterfly Aurora up from the Spanish Fork Airport but he might be moving it up earlier than Thursday. I will try to get in touch and see what his plans are.
That would be fun to fly that route with someone, thanks for checking! We are pulling out tomorrow but I will be checking the forum from my phone.
Cya ya there!


Just thought I should let everyone know that Summer finally arrived today. (at least here in UT.) It has been a very cool and wet spring so far this year and we were getting nervous about what the weather would be like for ROTR this year. Luckily we have a absolutely perfect Hangar to hold th event in this year, so even if it did rain we wouldn't be in trouble (other than it would limit the flying) However, today it was sunny and beautiful and I think it got up to about 80 today, and even more important, the forecast is saying the the weather looks like it should be nice.

We have been getting so much rain (in the valleys) which means snow in the mountains, that the tops of the mountains are still covered in white so it is absolutely beautiful here. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow and post them so everyone can see what to expect. But it is sure looking good for now. Hope to see lots of you join us this year.

Doug Barker
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We made it to Airgyro on friday. I installed the rotors and went for a few test flights.
Tammi changed her mind (like she does so well) on our destination in southern Utah from Zion to Moab. On our way into Moab there is an airport that has skydiving. I Have never been before and I thought it would be a great way to see the country. We got suited up and away we went. The free fall is crazy but when the chute opens your left with an awesome view. We both will be skydiving again.
Like Doug said, the weather has been great. It was 94 in Moab yesterday and sunshining when we left Spanish Fork. We are heading back to Spanish Fork on Monday morning for some night flight training.
See you guys at ROTR!


brad, congradulations on a safe arrival for you and Tammi. It sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time on your road trip, free of any complications.
I truly wish I was able to make the trip as well. I would love to be their in Utah for the gyro fly-in. Send some pics or vedio, if you can for us to envy over for those us who can't make this year.
I am still in Philippines. Our flight was changed to the 7th (Tuesday), is when we should be back in Eugene, OR.
When are you guys returning?



I heard that You and Mike Brownless & Mike Burton were going to be doing a 3 ship cross country flight into Brigham City Airport on Thursday morning. That sounds like great fun. Try to find a way to let us know about what time you will be arriving and we will try to be out there waiting with a camera so we can get some video you you guys coming in. I can't wait to see you you come flying in!!! See you soon!
The first out of state ship arrived in Brigham City, yesterday and we flew this morning! I can't wait for the rest of you to show... Brad.. if you get this, let me know of your flight plans.. We'll meet you in the Ogden area and bless Brigham with an inbound flight of 5! I love flying and the people!
Sometime in the morning I hope. Still don't have a time nailed down with the guys.
My cell is 541-272-1000
Get me your number and I will call in the morning with a eta.
The more the better! Doug,
If I have a contact number I can also call you with a eta.


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My chances for being able to make it this year are slipping away....

I have sick kids and grand-kids that were going to take care of a family responsibility on Saturday for me.

If they are not well Friday morning I'm not going to be able to make it!!

Bummer, Bummer, Bummer!!!!