Rotors over the Rockies 2010!


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When and where is your June event Rotors over the Rockies?

I am filling out my calendar.

Thank you, Vance
Vance, it will be held the second week in June... Thursday, Friday, Saturday, close shop on Sunday and go home... It will be held at the Brigham City, Utah airport. BMC. I'm sure one of our tech. guys will put in some cool links etc... Hope this helps till then.

It was great to meet you at the Freedom Flyin and we are all looking to see you here at ROTR. We are starting now to make it one of the greatest events ever. Anything we can to to help let us know.

Enjoy the Air



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Vance, it's officially Thursday-Saturday, June 10-12, but you'll be welcome to stay and fly Sunday if you're inclined. The Brigham City airport is a public airport, and will not be NOTAM'd for our event, so you can probably arrive as early as you want.

More info is available on the "Events" page at, (scroll down past the meeting notices,) and eventually updates on event status will take over the website's main page.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Hello Curt and Paul,

That is 1,150 statute miles round trip and traversing multiple MOAs and several wilderness areas. That should be about 16 hours of flying round trip. That should take about $500 worth of fuel.

It looks like it would be a great adventure.

We would need a place to stay in Death Valley, California or Overton, Nevada and Fillmore.

It is still very provisional at this time.

Ed says she is up for it.

Thank you, Vance