Rotorhead Adjustment?


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Hi. Recently purchased an MTO Sport with 130 hours. I've found that when trying to maintain level flight with the RPMs over 4000 or so I need to maintain forward pressure. Basically, the trim is worthless because even at neutral stick it's trying to climb. The air pressure gauge is working and not showing any pressure while this is going on. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas?


Gyroplane CFI
Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum William.

AutoGyro trim works with air pressure.

The hat button activates a compressor.

If you are not showing air pressure when you are in the flight mode something is amiss.

Without the engine running in flight mode and the power on you should be able to hear the compressor running when you activate the hat button.

If you can hear the compressor you have a leak somewhere.

If you can't hear the compressor either there is an electrical problem or you pump needs replacing. It is noisy.

The procedures for dealing with trim challenges are pretty sell spelled out in the maintenance manual available on line.

In my experience when it is working; the trim on an MTO Sport works pretty well requiring very little stick pressure to maintain airspeed.

All the best on your aviation adventure.