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I have a Sport Copter Vortex 582. Can someone tell me if there is any lubrication maintenance for the rotor head? I don't see anything in the assembly manual. I emailed Sport Copter and not received an answer. Any info is appreciated.


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I'm a little curious that you're asking for help with this kind of question now. I'm sorry that I don't have specific knowledge of the issue to help you. I see that you list Minnesota as your location; so I'm going to ask a couple of questions in hopes that other 582 owners/mechanics might pick up the ball, if they haven't PM'd you already. So my first question is: how long have you owned this gyro? 2. Did you buy it new?

As a master mechanic myself, I would look up the rotor head in all documentation you do have now, to get the torque specs on all threaded fasteners in that rotor head assembly, before trying to do any work on it yourself.

By the way, the short answer to your question is: yes, there is maintenance on these rotor heads. All mechanical assemblies of any kind require periodic work. Maybe call Sportcopter directly with any and all questions about maintaining your machine, just as a natural progression of escalation. Beg, borrow or buy all the documentation for your Sport Copter that you can lay your hands on. That way, you can provide the needed doco to an A&P mechanic near your home base.

As I'm sure you are aware, the whole gyro literally hangs on the rotor head assembly. It is critical for your safety that it is in constant top condition. Hope this helps.
The Rotor Head is not an Assemble and Forget item.
It usually requires re-lubrication every few hours of flight, so this is something you are going to want to do yourself.
Your life depends on it.


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I believe that only things which need lubrication in this rotorhead are teeter bolt needle bearings. I use to lubricate them with any low speed/high load grease such as used for automotive CV-joints. Main bearing is maintenance-free.

Oops I stand corrected: there are also pitch and roll axis bearings which also need regular lub. I lub them each month while teeter bolt bearings get lubrication each 5-10 hours with aerosol grease and consistent lubrication each month. This is from practice but I still would like to know what Jim Vanek recommends.
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I called Sport Copter today and spoke with Evan. The teeter bolt bushing is made of teflon and needs no lube. If you lube it, it will wear out fast. Just inspect it every 100 hours and if the teflon wears through, you will see the brass parent material under it. If you see the brass or gold color, replace it. The roll bushings are the same material but lasts much longer for obvious reasons. Glad I called them.