Rotor Head Drawings/ CAD files needed


Hey all,

New to the forum, it looks like its been going a little slow lately so i hope its not dead. Anyways, the title says it all: Does anyone have any drawings for rotorheads? I can use them in Solidworks or Inventor, or if its just plans I can draft them up for others usage.


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I see nobody has answered you yet. I would like to see more detail drawings as well. On the PRA site there is a member section that has quite a few public domain plans available for download, some of which include rotorheads if my memory is correct.


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Tomgyro;n1137420 said:
Select Rotary Wing area
select Educational tab
Scroll down to Rotorhead

This is another forum about gyros. I don't think a log in is needed to see these files.
​​​​​​​Hope this helps.
I tried clicking on a few of the links on that forum and all it does is take me to the top of the same thread. What am I doing wrong?


I just logged out of that forum and tried again. I'm sorry to report that I too get the " you don't have permission to view" reply. I do have a login and password for the site. I guess it is set to see topics as a visitor but files only by members. My apologies to those who tried but couldn't see the files.
At one time I hunted down every gyro related plan I could find on the net but most links are dead now.

Any rotor head plans you could find were of older design such as Bensen and some early Aircommand but as heads are a critical component best purchased from the professionals few scratch-built gyro plans included drawings for them.

Here's an old link that looks like it still works for what it's worth: