Rotax 914 oil magnet plug question


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Mar 18, 2004
Lansing, Illinois (Chicago South Suburb)
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I tried for hours to get the magnet plug out of my 914 (circa 2003) It has the flat plug with an allen wrench socket. The socket started to strip out immediately. I tried a shock treatment ( on the plug, not me), I tried heat, I even tried a punch on the edge of the plug and nothing works. I thought I remembered that Rotax went to a bolt style with a hex head and the L.E.A.F. catalog showed only the bolt style (for close to $100.00). The oil filter was so tight that I had to nearly destroy it to get it off. The PO didn't know his own strength!
I would get the newer version. That's the main reason they changed it, I think.
Hmm, I seem to remember, my 914 plug is TORX...
Oookay... until the day comes when you really can't get the crummy old one off.
Penny wise...
I am curious what you were using to take the oil filter off that you "had to nearly destroy" that...
First, a traditional (bottom) filter wrench, then my giant Channel locks. I owned a service station for a number of years and probably changed well over a thousand filters. Plus 30+ years of changing oil filters on aircraft (even the cartridge type) :)
I got the plug out, it was so mangled that I thought it was an Allen head. Just found out from here, that it wasn't.