Rotax 503 and Powerfin carbon prop / Sportcopter Blades


Apr 7, 2004
Woodland, Ca
I bought a project with a Rotax 503 dual plug, dual carb, pull start that has a powerfin prop. The engine turns over but I haven’t attempted to start it as it needs cleaned and serviced after sitting. I got this from an estate and have no log books. I do however have knowledge of the gyro it was on as I helped Joe Souza build it for the original owner. The gyro went from Ca to Mi and back to Ca. From looking at it and knowing about it’s history, I doubt if the engine has more than 5 hours on it. (Since 2001)
Anyway, if anyone is searching for one of these engines or prop (I’ll sell separately if requested) shoot me an offer. (Shipping costs aren’t included unless negotiated. I’ll crate it for buyers freight hauler or it can be picked up) You can email me at [email protected]. I’ll give this post a week before I place an ad elsewhere.

I will also have a set of Sportcopter blades for sale. These I’ll be asking 2k or offer. Freight paid by purchaser.