Ron Menzie Anniversary


I spent some time this week with Ron Menzie in Arkansas. I was enjoying the numerous photos on the walls of his hanger and was asking him questions. He mentioned that he had started flying in 1968. I said, "do you mean this is your 50th year in aviation?" Ron looked off in the distance and said, "would that be right." I know Ron has been a mentor, friend and instructor to many members on the forum. He has served the gyro community in ways few can match.

I now consider him a mentor, friend and instructor as well.

Please join me in wishing Ron a very special 50th anniversary.



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Happy Anniversary Ron, I still hear Ron's voice talking to me everytime I fly and that was 13 years ago.


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Ron I have never met you in person yet but happy anniversary of 50 years of aviation. What an achievement