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I'm a happy Yamaha guy and am setting up another engine/C-box combo. Does anyone know what's going on with Todd (Racer). I'd like to buy his custom clutch parts and his rear adapter plate, but I can't seem to contact him. Also, if anyone has a source for these parts please let me know.


Rick Martin 941 812-7182 [email protected]

Joe Pires

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I sent him a message through Facebook telling him you are trying to get in touch with him on this forum.


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It's been my understanding for about a year now that Todd Reick is no longer active in the Yamaha conversion stuff, possibly due to medical reasons. If you are doing a new YAMAHA conversion I will be more than happy to help you out with MAC equipment, as well as that of the other vendors. My website is, and my email is [email protected]. My old domain also works and will bounce you to the new site. That old domain is I will be at Oshkosh, give me a call on my cell phone while you're there. I don't have a booth, but some of my newest equipment is flying in on customers' airplanes.