Remembering Chris Burgess and Honoring his Legacy

I started in gyros in 2005 with Chris for a introduction flight and trained with him through my sport pilot certificate. I was 40 and had no aviation experience but was always fascinated with gyros, and was lucky to find an instructor 30 minutes from home. While I was training I bought a kit and built it at home, Chris was helpful with this, coming to my house to help with a few things. Upon completion Chris arranged for Tom to come to Frederick to do the inspection. My home field was to be Cumberland MD and Chris drove there several time to observe and give me the sign off’s, then back to Frederick for my cross country solo to Gettysburg. Chris was not just an instructor, he was there to help me with the build and to guide me through the confusing EAB process. After a few years I went on to get my private license in fixed wing, and would fly to Frederick to have lunch with him. I have flown with quite a few instructors, IMHO some not so good but Chris was among the best, for me he was the one that instilled the love of flight. Chris charged a modest fee and I would bet he never did much better than break even. Though we lost tract when he moved to Florida, he was always my friend and I enjoyed his company. God speed my friend.