Realizing a dream...a flight to OSH in my own Experimental

In the ONE year I exhibited my( yellow) Titanium at Oshkosh (2017) ...completing the " mission " aborted from the prior year when Jim died .... my TAG was awarded a Lindy friends at my local EAA chapter ...were very impressed --saying what a special award it was!

The sleek enclosed factory machines from Germany Italy & Spain ...seem to suck up most of the gyro-awards/ Lindy's in the interim years ...I'm delighted to see the superb Gyro-technic machines be well rewarded! GREAT job Denis, Leigh,Loren,Paul!!!
Didn't two Gyro Technics win this year?
Yes they did.

Lauren's yellow GT-VX2 and Gyro Paul's purple GT-VX1


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