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Is it my imagination, or do I see cartoon figures in the camouflage of the wheel pants of that Finnish Fokker (third link in the first post)?


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Hadn't even noticed, Wasp, thanks for pointing this out! It seems to have been the aircraft of Lieutenant Weikko Taina (that's his name according to the he Russian spelling in the picture below)
but it seems the Finns rather use a V so it is Veikko Taina, Hivinkjaa airfield, October 1941.


from here:


It seems the aircraft survived the war but was lost in an accident in 1948:


The Finns fought the Russian aggressors with tremendous bravery during the winter war 1939, with an impressive kill ratio of (I think) something like 5 to 1. The Russians had attacked the seemingly inferior Finnish forces, trying to grab a large part of Finnish territory. I like the D-XXI because of its mixture of old and new, being a low wing monoplane (with a wooden wing spar) and fixed undercarriage.
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