Quarterly Meeting Saturday Dec 5 2015


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This Saturday will be the regular quarterly meeting of Peach State Rotorcraft at the hangar at 4A4 (Cedartown, Polk County Airport -- Georgia). The gathering should run from about 9:00AM and run to lunchtime or a bit after.

Dues are due this meeting and there will be an election of officers. It will be 60 degrees and sunny, so there probably will be a bit of flying.

Gary W

Great bunch of folks turned out for Saturday meeting on a cold day. Not much flying but good food and fellowship. A special thanks to our Carolina Barnstormer buds Barry and Rodney for making the trip down. Our Carolina bud Air Scooter had some lame excuse why he couldn't attend so he is on double top secret probation for a while !


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It was good seeing everyone again and to all the visitors....WELCOME!!

It was probably better that Air Scooter chickened out and didnt come......gave us a chance to talk about him a lot!!!



Scott Waggoner
Double top secret probation is kind of extreme punishment. I haven't been in that much trouble in a long time. Sorry I couldn't make it guys, I will make it next time the Barnstormers make the pilgrimage.