PRA's Online ground school open don't miss out only once a year


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Apr 21, 2008
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PRA Gyroplane LIVE online Ground School registration is now OPEN!
Email [email protected] for registration instructions.

The ground school is conducted live on-line for 10 sessions (a total of 30 hours of live instruction) specific to gyroplanes (aka gyrocopters/autogyros).
The price is $250 for PRA members $300 for non-members. ($50 from non-member registration is donated to the PRA)
30 Hours of LIVE online instruction for:
-Sport Pilot Knowledge Exam
-Real-world Flight Planning
-FAA Pre-Checkride exam
-Pre-Solo Exam
-BFR/Proficiency Check Refresher
-Gyro specific knowledge, tips and information
Students will receive a kit of materials updated and created specifically for gyroplane pilots.
Class runs Thursday evenings from January 10 to March 14th.
Please register early as seating is limited.


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Oct 30, 2003
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I highly recommend Tim O’Connor’s course for anyone needing to pass the knowledge test for Sport Pilot, Gyroplane.

Plan B for me is to have my clients take the King’s Sport Pilot Airplane course and then spend a couple of hours managing the gyroplane specific stuff out of the Rotorcraft Flying Handbook. The cost ends up being more than Tim’s course.

You only need a 70% to pass but you will need to go over all the missed answers with your flight instructor before he can recommend you for your check ride.

I have several clients who took the course and they all passed the knowledge test with scores in the 90% range.

In my opinion Tim does a fine job of making the information more palatable.

David Gutierrez did well and took this picture at El Mirage Dry Lake.